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It’s here! This week’s episode of Answerin’ Stuff, ya wiener heads!

This week I asked fellow parent and phrase ninja, Whit Honea of Honea Express, and recent author of the parental response-altering book The Parent’s Phrase Book, to help me answer some of the really lame questions your kids ask that you left for me over on Facebook and Twitter.

In this episode, we give you the best, most terrible ways to respond to your children when they ask you the dumbest questions a dum-dum could ask.

Duplicate Disclaimer: No parents were helped in the making of this video.

Here’s a spoiler GIF of us laughing so hard at our own jokes. Okay it was probably one of my jokes:


A GIF Set for Episode 7 of #AnswerinStuff on Tumblr

If you want your question or topic in an upcoming episode of Answerin’ Stuff, leave your suggestions in the comments below!

  • Designer Daddy

    #WHITNANA! Only complaint is that it was too damn short.
    The episode, not the ‘nana. That was plenty long.

    • That’s what he said.

    • shuggilippo

      Whit makes a massive ‘nana.

  • This is my favorite “Answerin Stuff” ever. And I’m not just saying that because I’m in it, but mostly because of that.

    • shuggilippo

      Still holding true that it’s my favorite episode thumbnail to date. The episode is so so. 😉

  • Nicole

    Seriously, there is something wrong with you. More please. And that’s what I can a banana for scale.

    • shuggilippo

      It was the Hitler thing, huh? Too much?

  • Chris-Rated4AndUp

    I’d love to see the outtakes from this episode. Pure, banana gold! See what I did there. I’m so Whitty . Uh, did it again.

    • Outtakes? We were one and done. That was all shot in real time. More or less.

      • Chris-Rated4AndUp


    • shuggilippo

      Yeah. Like Whit said. Pure single take, no editing. We’re incredible.

  • Sarah Maizes

    So funny. Bananas are always funny. Always. (Just found you through SoCal Lady Bloggers)

    • shuggilippo

      Bananas always make me giggles. Ere go, making my friends into bananas is a double whammy of joy to my face. So glad you came by for a visit! 🙂

  • cutemonster

    Whit=Top Banana

    • shuggilippo

      The tip, tip, tippy top banana.

  • What the FUCK was THAT?! I’m gonna watch it six more times to find out why I love’d it so much. I’ll be back. Which, I guess, is the point.

    • shuggilippo

      This, my friend, is you doing this whole thing right.

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