A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

Every millennial mom’s day starts somewhere.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

In the case of this post, a day in my life starts figuratively and, on most days literally, with a video intro. The life of a YouTuber who also happens to be a parent consists of researching and visualizing how to captivate an audience the second they hit that play button.

Obviously next is ALL THE CAFFEINE.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

Parenting, as a daily responsibility all its own, warrants a necessary means of energy. For most parents, that comes in the heavenly form of liquid majesty. Or “coffee/tea” for the layman among us. For millennial parents like me who are tackling the fast-paced undertaking of building a digital empire, multiply that caffeine necessity by, oh, a badrillion.


Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

My personal life mantra is “Grab and Go”. Second only to “Does anyone know where I can get some nachos?” of course. So many times, whether it’s because of a jam-packed day of errands and activities or because every internet hermit needs a healthy dose of vitamin D (that’s sunshine for those of you reading this from your introvert caves) from time to time, I depend on something lightweight that I can tuck under my arm as we jet out the front door.

Did someone say writer’s block?

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

Creating content everyday is hard, yo. It takes a lot of fiddling and finessing with words to get those jokes just right. Between publishing pithy one-liners to Facebook or crafting an entire post about the stuff that drives every parent in the carpool line crazy, having a convenient place to jot it all down is crucial.

Researching cat GIFS.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

Okay so maybe perhaps probably certainly, this is not going to be a universally applicable spending of one’s time. But it is for me. The ability for me to search, scour and source animated GIFs for my site and the sites I contribute to is up there on my mental priority list with “Breathe.” and “Don’t forget to feed your family.”

Now we quality time.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

A big part of my own upbringing, and what I’m certain put me on the digitally driven path I’m on today, was spending time with my dad as he would show me the bells and whistles of our computer back in the early 90s that was the size of a mini fridge. I have always appreciated that time. Now that I have a curious 7-year-old of my own, I love the portability of the Lenovo. It’s easy-to-carry without having a heart attack that tiny hands will fumble while carrying it. Don’t get it twisted though. He still can’t manage to keep pizza crumbs on his plate. The logic is lost on me.

Lounge and learn.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

We are barefoot, floor people in this house. Meaning even though we have hardwood and nary the derriere to cushion spending so much time on the ground, we are always doing stuff from the safety of the floor. One of our favorite things to do after school is slap the Lenovo into tent position, cuddle up on our tummies and get to math-ing.

Experience what the pretty little world has to offer.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

Like that mythical vitamin D I mentioned before, being “plugged in” for too long can make a family stir-crazy. Getting out to explore and discover the world every day, even if it’s simply a quick jaunt over to the library to play on the coolest, oldest tree on the planet in flip flops and almost sprain your ankle about 18 times, that’s dope. Plus, when part of the experience you’re building online includes capturing stuff your family does on the daily, it’s a great reminder to get out into the world and do something. So I gamble on that ankle injury. I do it for the YouTube.

Edit, edit, edit, edit.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

About 90% of the life of a YouTuber is time spent editing. The other 10% is shooting and eating nachos.

Feed dat family doe.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

This is my personal reminder, in addition to hunting for cat GIFs, to feed that family of mine. I’m a hybrid cook when it comes to my recipes. Some of them are mega old school and on paper, but if I’m itching to try out a new dish, I always go digital. And really, nothing makes it easier to read instructions when your hands are covered in raw meat and an assortment of pungent spices than yelling at a piece of technology to scroll down. Because salmonella. And nope.

Tweet it out before bed.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom

That final pass through social media and your inbox before hitting the hay for the night is real. We could pretend that the bruise on our forehead isn’t from a smartphone dropped right between the eyes. But we’d be bold-face lying. In tablet position or laptop position, I get my tweet on right before I pass out. Some of the most hilarious things are happening on the internet after 10pm. Okay and also some of the worst.

For those that do millennial parenting life.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom


Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro: A Day in the Life with The Millennial Mom via SHUGGILIPPO.com | #CleverYoga

When Lenovo asked me to be their Ashton Kutcher for millennial moms (alright, maybe they didn’t necessarily say it exactly like that), I jumped at the opportunity to help them spread the word about the multi-mode usage (we’re talking laptop, tent, stand, & tablet modes here, folks) YOGA 3 Pro. The hinge system alone is impressive enough if you’re needing impressing. Inspired by a watch, it includes 813 hand-assembled pieces of aluminum and steel. That’s a lot of hand-assembling, but it sure does make the device slick and flexible. Literally flexible, you guys.

Life as a parent is inherently fast-paced. We’re always looking for reliable convenience and that’s what I had a chance to experience when I took the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro 3 for a spin in my day-to-day grind. I’ll say I was also pretty jazzed that the particular color I anxiously awaited at the front window for was Clementine. A spunky orange hue that poetically symbolizes how I’d define all facets of my life. A machine with personality. I dig. It also comes in brushed gold and light silver though if you’re more of the “regal device” type.

And now I’d like for you to add a little personality to your digital life by offering you a chance to win Your Own Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro! I AM AWESOME! You can enter below by sharing with me in the comments how this nifty thing will help you streamline your own hectic life. Also? I’d highly recommend you visit the Official Lenovo Tastemakers site for even more chances to enter. Only one winner per household, but bulk up dem odds, guys! The contest runs through next Friday, April 24th and here? Here you have the opportunity to submit an entry every single day.

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

  • Nick Browne

    I could do ALL THE THINGS using one of those! Podcast, blog, video, and avoid letting my kids watch YouTube on it!

    • shuggilippo

      It does allow for one to do all of those things. It does.

  • Ashley

    I would enjoy being able to take it with me places. Right now, I am stuck in one place and permanently plugged in which makes things difficult. Especially with children, this would just make life so. much. easier.

    • shuggilippo

      Being tethered to one spot has no place in the busy life of a mom. That’s for sure. Best of luck, Ashley!

  • skydragon

    A very useful gadget!

  • Sarah Browne

    This would give me SANITY! …. I hope.

    • shuggilippo

      It’s a great start. It is a great start, Sarah.

  • Richard Hicks

    It would slimline my life because it basically has all the capabilities that I want in a computer and in one place!

  • js2222

    I’d love a Lenovo Yoga – use it like a laptop when at a desk, use it as a tablet when there’s no convenient tabletop to set it on. I think I’d bring it with my everywhere, even stores, after I’d created a shopping list on it! And it would be great for listening to audiobooks or music, reading e-books, and reading digital magazines!

    • shuggilippo

      The shopping list idea is brilliant. TABLET MODE ACTIVATE!

  • kelly mcgrew

    i would love to take this lightweight laptop / tablet with me to work, trips, anywhere i need on the go! this would be great to have since it is so thin and light!

    • shuggilippo

      I’ll tell you from personal experience that it’s a DREAM on trips.

  • Amy Askin – Beloved Atmosphere

    I desperately need a feather-light laptop. The gigantic lead-filled laptop I currently have is awful. The Yoga 3 looks ideal!

    • shuggilippo

      It’s way lightweight. I was amazed when it got here. I even said, “Watch! I’m going to open this and be Punk’d with nothing in there but a signed headshot of Ashton.” It was in there. The laptop. Not Ashton.

  • latanya t

    I can take it with me when I travel since it is so light weight.

    • shuggilippo

      Really, really great for travel. Especially plane travel when you’re already limited on space.

  • Jeri

    A Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro would streamline my life because it would go everywhere and would replace many of my other devices. Talk about every day use!!!

    • shuggilippo

      Oh girl. I have ALL OF THE DEVICES. This definitely cut the need for all of them in 1/2.

  • courtney

    I love the full keyboard for a laptop, but can’t wait to fold it up for on the go!

    • shuggilippo

      I love how slim it stays too. Those hinges really do keep it low-profile and compact.

  • Kay

    The fact that is goes from laptop to tablet and does so much more than a regular laptop would make it great for school.

    • shuggilippo

      Wow! That’s totally true. Note-taking wouldn’t even know what hit it.

  • I could use it to start a weekly video blog where I get drunk and talk about what it’s REALLY like to work in the wacky world of advertising.

    • shuggilippo

      Please. For the love of everything holy I hope you win and start doing this. I really do.

  • buzzd

    I like that it is a tablet but sometimes I really need a laptop so this versatility would be great especially when I travel

    • shuggilippo

      Yep! This thing definitely has versatility on lock down.

  • Alex Robertson

    It is so convenient to grab it and go! Love the size and my laptop just crapped out.

  • steve weber

    I would be able to catch up on all work emails when I travel and also keep on top of my shows and stream music

  • So I’m supposed to tell you how the Yoga will improve my life, right? Everyone’s saying do yoga you’ll feel better, yoga is good for you, yoga is better than crossfit, stuff like that. Does Lenovo make a crossfit? Maybe that’s better? Anyway, this yoga thing is supposed to be healthy and help my muscles and bring me inner peace. From your post, I can see how that happens, although I’m confused as to how something so small and lightweight helps your muscles. Maybe it’s like jazzercse. I can see how it’s better for my health than say an Apple, because I’ve tried the apples and they’re not as tasty as people seem to think they are. I’m concerned that this yoga will require me to salute the sun or learn something called the downward doggie style. Not sure about that, but I saw it mentioned on the YouTubes and that’s where I get my news so I know it’s probably true.

    I think this yoga will help me be a better person because I’d be able to get out of my introvert cave. Not for long, though. Just long enough to get some Vitamin D. And learn how to dougie.

  • tannawings

    The Lenovo would streamliine my life by making it even easier to crosspost and help rescue animals. I love how light it is and how powerful.
    Ellen beck on form

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking of starting a craft business and thins thing could be my “home base” computer. In fact, if I won this thing I’d take it as a sign.

  • Mike Heenan

    Como say replace my crappy Dell XPS 12 what? I’m in! And I would use it for the efficiency factor you’ve expertly stated. Fingers crossed. Congrats on the campaign. (To Lenovo, for landing you, of course.)

  • Sandra Calixto

    It would help me to edit and upload my YouTube videos more efficiently. πŸ™‚

  • Colleen Boudreau

    It would help with school, I could take it everywhere with me.

  • Natasha

    I’m in love with the size of the screen! It will definitely help to make blogging on the go way more easier!

  • Ann Odle

    If having one of these would make me as clever as you–I’m down for it!

  • Liza @ VFtV

    It would let me work no matter where I was. This would be especially great for live events or for when I’m the passenger in the car and want to get some work done.

  • coupcrazy

    I could bring it with me anywhere since it’s so light weight. Even to appointments and festival trips,it would be great!

  • Laurajj Jacobson

    Oh I would love to use it for cooking! Our laptop died a couple years ago, so we only have a desktop. So many times I am trying a recipe and have to keep running back to the desktop for more info! I would love to be able to move this to the kitchen and cook!

  • Stefanie gladden

    It would help me by being able to watch my workout videos online & do them at the same time by using the tent feature, and could carry it with me everywhere I go

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    With four kids, life is extremely busy in our household. We are always on the go and so is our business., I believe this would help me get organized and hopefully stay that way.

  • AmandaSakovitz

    I love how lightweight this is. It would be perfect to get everything done on the go.

  • Love the fact that is slim and lightweight and it can transform from tablet to laptop when I need it. This would be great tool to keep up with my blog πŸ™‚

  • nicole dziedzic

    A Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 would help me by keeping me connected where ever I go, and keeping me in contact with my small online business.

  • Thomas Murphy

    It would streamline my life because I could take this to work to use and then bring home for fun.

  • i need something reliable that allows me to do research, writing and other things both at home and while on the go.

  • I’d love to win this tablet, it’d be so versatile while working out, listening to music and watching yoga and workout videos. I’d also use it to edit photos. ^_^

  • Ellie W

    I love how portable it is, but also has a good sized screen. I have a 7β€³ tablet that is hard to see even with reading glasses on. I’m always needing it to help my boys with homework. This would definitely streamline my life.

  • Linda

    I’m working on creating a channel dedicated to tennis drills and would love experiment with it using the yoga lenovo!

  • Laura Sloan

    It’s small enough to take with me on my travels where I’d use it mostly as a tablet but it can easily be converted to a laptop. That makes it so easy to use at home or on the go

  • jalapenomama

    The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 would help make my life easier because of it’s portability.
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  • Florencia

    I *need*this awesome tablet in my life! My ancient laptop is about to bite it. And I love the projector!

  • I would use it to edit photos

  • Addie F.

    Well, I go to school and work almost full-time, and both require the use of a computer! My laptop is old old old, so a new laptop/tablet hybrid that is light and small and I can carry around with me to get my work done anywhere is JUST what I need! I love how versatile it is; if I had this, I wouldn’t need most of my other devices!

  • Anna B.

    The Lenovo would streamline my life with its easily convertible form factor. I could use it as a tablet when I want to read during my commute, prop it up as a stand when I want to follow instructions for recipes or fitness stuff, or use it as a laptop for writing emails.

  • Michelle Washburn

    I would be able to use my time more wisely with the Yoga, a doctor appointment wait would turn into valuable work or me time.

  • Alison Freisz-Steward

    I’m a mom, wife, blogger, professional, and superhero…err busy woman so the portability of this little gem would make my life so much easier!!

  • It would make watching Netflix from bed that much easier…priorities.

  • Kerry J.

    I have to say that this is amazing!! So versatile!!!

  • Colette Piquet

    Wow I could do so much on here! Find recipes, listen to music while I clean up, and read all my favorite blogs. I love the projector too! Movie nights here I come! πŸ˜€

  • debbielq

    I bring my computer almost everywhere I go, including my “real job.” Taking the opportunity to write when I can. The Yoga 3 is so light and versatile it would make my life so much easier.

  • Elle

    I would love to have a lightweight versatile device instead of needing different devices for different things. I love that it is a laptop when I need a laptop and a tablet when I need a tablet I love the tent feature.

  • ankayeb

    The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro would streamline my life by allowing me to use one device, whether at home or away from home.

  • laura c

    It would give my son lots of entertainment opportunities – it would give me the ability to be organized on the go. Oh, and the projector, awesome.

  • Ling Cheung

    I would allow me to do my work anywhere.

  • Meghan

    It would be so nice to have a laptop and tablet in one. It is small and portable so it would be easy to take with me everywhere and would help me stay on top of work and keep life on track.

  • William Kwok

    This would make my life so much easier because of its versatility. I would use this for work. I can use the projector for presentations and it’s so portable that I’d take it with me everywhere for personal use too.

  • Julie

    i love that it is a laptop and tablet. It’s sleek enough to act as my ipad and sturdy enough to be a laptop!

  • Lea Anna

    I would love to be able to project videos onto a wall for viewing! Plus I love how light it is, I could take it everywhere.

  • laura ari

    I would use it to keep my family’s schedule in one place, plus it would be portable enough to bring to the ball field to get work done while waiting for the endless baseball games to finish.

  • Katie Picklesimer

    It would be great to take on work trips so I can stay up to date!

  • My business would be able to travel with me easily! It would be pretty dang amazing…

  • Linda

    I’d love to win this to replace my current, older laptop and I love that it can turn into a tablet for when I am on the go.

  • Amy Cooley

    This would be awesome! Every member in our family is at the place where they need a technology device for school, work, etc. This would help out greatly and relive arguments about who gets the computer!

  • Lynne

    Well, the size and weight of it means I could take it with me…unlike my 10 year old very heavy laptop that has to be plugged in every minute it is in use…..though I am grateful it still works, this would be so much easier!

  • Haley B

    This looks like an awesome product! I hope I win one!

  • Tabathia

    I like how versatile that it is, but also the tent capabilites which would help me out in the kitchen with recipe videos when cooking or my daughter watching netflix while I am cooking and my kids being able to use as a tablet for research and laptop when completing homework.

  • tashina knight

    It would be a lot faster and better resolution than my well-loved Yoga 1

  • Annie

    So much more useful than an ipad!

  • V Martinez

    Definitely for school. I am currently enrolled to be a radiology tech and this would really help with keeping me organized!!

  • Mimi G

    I thinks it’s time I upgraded and the lenovo laptop seems like the best choice! Would help me improve with organization.

  • Elise

    It would help me blog on the go! My laptop is just too large and cumbersome for this!

  • Jeanna johnson

    I think it would help my kids with their schoolwork that they have to do online especially with the portability of this! It would also help us to stay in contact with our family that is out of state.

  • Brian Kautz

    It would save a lot of weight in my school backpack

  • Donna

    My kids travel for tournaments on the weekends. So this would be great for taking notes between matches, videos for relaxation and homework at the hotel

  • Matthew Clarkson

    I work from home and now a newly stay at home dad to a beautiful baby girl. I have recently started my own blog from a fathers point of view and it’s hard to do it all. I feel this awesome laptop would alleviate a lot of the struggles. Thanks for hosting!

  • Stacey Fowler

    First of all, your post is so cute! Anyways, I love how it’s a tablet and a laptop. I could work or blog on the go, share with my son (maybe), and use it in the kitchen for cooking!

  • LinhC

    Love the projector feature, the tent feature, and triple love the tablet-laptop feature!

  • KaceyDea

    My son would stop needing to use my computer for his school work.

  • Anne Parris

    I just lugged a laptop back and forth to Vegas. Mistake! Called my husband and said, “I need a tablet that gets everything done!”

  • I could use it to keep up with my blogging while on the go!

  • Wendy Forbes

    It would help me get organized and assist me in the kitchen while cooking.

  • E Michelle Bakle

    i like that its durable light and touchscreen! its also a projector how cool is that!!!

  • Rhiannon Rowland

    As a busy stay at home it would be nice to have to keep my calendar on, plus it would be so nice to watch videos or even work on things on it while I am waiting, waiting, waiting while my boys do their various school things like sports, chorus, band, clubs, etc.

  • laneycath

    This is what I learned from your blog post which is enticable information about the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro…enough to drool over the opportunity to win one. The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro
    * has reliable convenience
    * is easy-to-carry
    * also comes in brushed gold and light silver
    * will help you streamline your own hectic life
    * was (is) Inspired by a watch, it includes 813 hand-assembled pieces of aluminum and steel.
    * has multi-mode usage (we’re talking laptop, tent, stand, & tablet modes

  • Natalie

    A Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro would streamline my life because I can take it on trips and to the gym and I do not have to carry a heavy laptop!

  • Veronica Clarkson

    I can be more assertive with my blogging. I would also like to start my Etsy shop..The laptop would definitely help with that!!

  • JillianToo

    I would love to be able to carry it in my purse like a tablet to use on the go. It would be so much easier to use than the small screen of my phone. At home, I’d flip it around to use it as a laptop for everything from email to Skype.

  • Bogdobbler

    This is exactly what I need to streamline reviewing photos on location shoots when I’m gathering images for graphic design work.

  • Starla

    I really love how thin and chic this is. This would really help streamline my life because trying to balance pre-nursing studies along with two jobs gets tough to say the least. This would be helpful with my lecture courses and also entertainment of course!

  • Sydney

    I am back and forth between multiple offices and campus all of the time- I could keep all of my class notes on here and always have what I need when I get where I’m going!

  • This yoga is fabulous! It would keep me more organized with my small business. I also have a lot of designs I need to carry with me. Plus, I can think of SO many applications for that projector.

  • Terra Heck

    My teen kids would use it for research and homework. I’d use it to browse the web for recipes and DIY. Thanks.

  • Sze Cheung

    It will help me stay organized.

  • Tamara


  • Beth Ann

    Three words. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Okay maybe a few more . . . πŸ˜‰

    That projector though. Gotta have that!

  • Ashley H

    This would make blogging so much easier!

  • TrishFr

    This baby would allow me to compute when I am taking care of my mom at her house. She doesn’t own a computer. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Alison

    It would help me to work from anywhere!

  • Best giveaway ever! If I win one, am I allowed to sleep with it next to me and give it kisses… because I may be in love. It will streamline my everything.

  • I’d love to learn to edit video at home or on the go. Having a touch screen would be great too! May I ask what video editing software you are using?

  • Prasert

    I’m a chef so this would be great for recording recipes, watching videos and taking videos.

  • Beanne

    It looks like a wonderful addition to everyone’s tech world!

  • coupontammy

    This would make my life so much easier in so many ways! The biggest would be that I could take it with me to my mother’s to help manage her medication and health care notes. I wouldn’t have to drag my big old laptop. Plus I’m sure the kids would love to use it for school work and play.

  • Hailey McIntosh

    This would be very useful for my son’s homeschooling!! Thanks for the chance!

  • Beth Elder

    Save me from lugging my big old laptop everywhere! Streamline by having something portable and powerful!

  • bkkihega

    It would allow me to go anywhere, and not have to bring multiple devices!

  • estereoj

    I would love this laptop to be family laptop to help my kids to their homework

  • Mark Gilbert

    I like that it both laptop and tablet

  • tweetyscute

    I would love give this to my Daughter who needs a laptop for college.

  • This would allow me to do work at home and/or on the go. It would be perfect for being able to get things done no matter where I am.

  • Jennifer W

    I’ve been hesitant to get a tablet because a.) I love keyboards and b.) they just generally aren’t as customizable as full computers. This would give me the portability and ease of access I crave without losing some of my beloved laptop features! Yes!

  • Danielle

    I commute via public transit so a super lightweight laptop/tablet like this would be great for getting work done on the train!

  • laroyal06

    It would totally help us out with our business while on the go, staying organized, and being creative with the kids!

  • Echo Goodner

    so excited–what a great giveaway!

  • Randa Hiemke

    The projector on the Yoga would be great for family movie night. We would be able to have family movie night outdoors under the stars.

  • micaela6955

    It would help with my workload, keep me organized (and somewhat sane) keep the kiddos occupied using the projection feature for their favorite movies, and keep me from messing up that oh so easy recipe I pinned like 3 months ago and now wonder how the heck I added an ingredient that wasn’t even listed lol. I’d hang it right up in the kitchen and follow it step by step… and then no more funny looks from hubby or my daughter when they try my latest creation.

  • usnamom2014

    Its the perfect size to take everywhere – especially sitting at soccer practice!

  • Tasha Williams

    Wow I could only have to just use The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro instead of the 5 other devices I use. Maybe I could actually learn how to start my blog.

  • Marie

    This would be so great for my college studies. I could do everything on it!

  • sarah oswald

    This would be awesome to make my crafts and recipes without having to worry about where to put the computer I can bring it with me and do stuff hands free on the computer and I love the projector feature the most! I love that it is a laptop and tablet in one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • mrsdwb

    I could work on the go! And… not have to use 3 different devices to help keep me organized. Plus, we could watch movies with that cool projector feature. YEAH BABY!!

  • Brian Dadey

    My laptop is old and slow and crashes frequently. I really need a new one. The YOGA 3 Pro looks like a great choice to replace it.

  • CrystalLC

    I’m about to begin doing some freelance writing and this will allow me to do that from anywhere!

  • bittripfan

    enjoy being able to take it with me places

  • LaleΓ±a Janke

    I would love the portability of it! I could take it between school and home with ease!

  • Robin M.

    I could plan out my whole month, make weekly meal plans and use it for everything, My daughter could use it for her homework. so many uses

  • Holly E

    My laptop is super slow. I love that it’s a laptop and a tablet; very cool.

  • Raina Hood

    I need my own laptop so I don’t have to borrow my son’s. I would use it for work and personal.

  • Oh man, how WOULDN’T this streamline my life?? I’ve never owned a tablet, which is crazy. My laptop is MASSIVE and difficult to carry around. This would be amazing! And the projector? SHUT UP. I would love that so much!

  • Susan Smith

    The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro would be great so I could do my work on the go.

  • Tara Liebing

    The Yoga Pro 3 would simplify my life because of it’s sleek lightweight design. I can look at my recipes while cooking, read emails and check my facebook all at the same time. I LOVE it!!

  • Karrie Millheim

    I love that it is so light and versatile! I am always lugging around a big laptop and this would make my life easier

  • Abby86

    I could use it to work from my car in between all the dropping off and picking up I do every day

  • Stacey b

    It would help so much with keeping my daily life organized. Appointments, grocery lists, recipes, soo many possibilities.

  • Gabriella Muka

    It would be great for homeschooling, replace some of my devices because it has the functionality of a computer and weight and flexibility of a tablet. Plus, the projector!

  • dana cerrito

    It would stream line my life because I could get rid of all my other crappy devises and just use the Yoga

  • mita

    Awesome, the perfect size to take everywhere.

  • Stacy

    I could do a zillion and one things anywhere and anytime! Work, classes, entertain, schedule, take photos, show videos, and still carry it in my purse. As a multi-multi tasker – this would make life easier.

  • Kelster

    Since it’s so lightweight it would allow me to work anywhere I am. Traveling. At a coffee shop. Sitting outdoors.

  • Fay Yeung

    spented most of my time on a computer and having a faster computer would help a lot.

  • Laura B.

    It is so portable that I would take it everywhere with me

  • Lisa Thibodeaux

    This looks like an awesome laptop/tablet. Would love to have one.

  • Victoriana V

    It would help me in terms of not having to charge it all of the time, like I have to with my current device. It would also keep me organized throughout the day. It has so many great features.

  • Stacey Y

    I have a dying laptop and I do not own a tablet, so this would be great since it is both!

  • jdnorthwest

    We are always on the go. To school to work to swimming to soccer to skiing. Having a device that works were we are in whatever cramped location we are would be great.

  • Jennifer Stanley

    Streamlining – I could chuck a number of the outdated (the day I walked out of the store with them they became old) devices because this thing covers all of the bases. The best part, it would fit in my purse (ok, I may have to upgrade my purse…), it’s less than 3 pounds and the battery life is amazing. However, it would definitely be awesome to use the webcam to capture some of the hilarious debauchery that goes on at work. My friends don’t believe me and I’d love to be able to show them just how much fun my job is by projecting it on the wall and laugh until our cheeks hurt while throwing back a couple of frosty beverages. I need this in my life!

  • icefairy

    It’d help me stay organized and get more stuff done while on the go.

  • Lisa Garner

    This would make my note taking for work so much easier plus provide lots of family entertainment.

  • Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    My life would be streamlined daily and when we camp and travel. My iphone is too small and slow for everyday use.

  • chrissiemz

    I would be able to get rid of bulky laptop when I am on the go and stay on track with kids at appointments use as tablet watch netflix, use for school work possibilities are endless. I love this!

  • Julie

    I don’t currently have a laptop and would love to use this for my gymnastics meets for homework and for video analysis!

  • Evalyn Rose D.

    This is very handy and useful. Will keep me organize and will
    have fun using the projector.

  • Kristin G

    I would really love this because I haven’t had a new laptop since college. I love how versatile and slim it is! I would wanna pack it with me and take it wherever I go. I would tweet and watch movies on it.

  • KrysR

    I’m starting a new blog and the Yoga would make that much easier… and more fun!

  • jules mcnubbin

    it would enable me to get my stuff done so much quicker, and then i could fold it and watch videos on it when its in the tent shape! i love the look of it too!

  • Marilyn Angela Holt

    I use my smart phone for a lot of things and this tablet has it all. The total package! Love the projector feature too.

  • mjmoore

    Oh, gosh- it’d be so great for keeping all my projects in one place: family history, homeschool projects, recipes…

  • shay

    I like its weight and flexibility. I could use it as a tablet when I’m on a train and a laptop when I’m at home and have more space.

  • Harmony B

    with 4 boys, it would keep me organized and mobile

  • Shawna OBrien

    A Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 would streamline my life with it’s Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet modes as I can use it easily in all rooms doing different activities such as in the kitchen to look up recipes, in my craft area for scrapbooking and photo editing and on the go traveling the tablet mode would be great! I’d be able to do more multi-tasking instead of being stuck in one place with a heavy laptop. Thank you for the amazing giveaway πŸ™‚

  • Shay

    My life would be easier managing the household and getting rid of unnecssary devices.

  • LifebyCynthia

    I wouldn’t be stuck at a desktop PC! Oh the freedom! OH and for conferences – I wouldn’t have to lug our old outdated laptop!

  • slehan

    I don’t have a laptop and it would streamline my life to connect outside of my desktop.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  • jeni leonard

    You are super BadAss just like this tablet! I would love to win one so much to look at awesome cat gifs! I am a millinial parent through and through and this is the perfect tablet to fit my lifestyle!

  • Rhonda Grisham

    This would be perfect for when I am chasing the hubby or grandkids around. I could take it with me and work while waiting for them. (which I do a lot!)

  • Deni Tigner-Anderson

    The Lenova Yoga 3 Pro would help me streamline my life by allowing me to carry a lot less weight when I am on the run and by allowing me to get rid of a few different setups I have for different postions of use due to a physical disability I have. Love that flexibility!!!

  • cjfurious

    You have inspired me to do more with Youtube…so I’d use it for 90% editing, 10% watching cats in RVs videos…duh.

  • Deborah Gardner

    The light weight and the tablet mode would make it easy to use on the go and with a newborn!

  • Dawn Monroe

    The closest thing I have had to a laptop is an Ipad and I think its great so I can only imagine how awesome one of these would be. I would love to show off the projection screen, read books, play games and just have a great time. I love the long lasting battery too.

  • AllLacqueredUp

    I don’t have something that can easily travel with me so this would be a huge help

  • Stephanie Cruse

    I totally need this Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro! Starting up my own business, I got a tablet…but am quickly realizing that it won’t cut it all of the time. This means I have to use my husband’s Chromebook, and that doesn’t make Papa Does Preach very happy. πŸ™‚ Also, I’m a yoga teacher, so this is really the only appropriate laptop for me.

  • This Lenovo YOGA Dream Machine would help keep the auto garage business running smoothly from invoices to even taking payments. I would literally take it everywhere. To the kitchen for recipes, the garden for great tips on planting (love the hanger option), the woods while hiking & doing some fun geocaching with the kids, the field to have family & friends outdoor movie nights (isn’t that projector the bomb!!!), my office for business and even to bed to watch Netflix when I’m feeling a bit lazy. It just does it all. I am currently running a Lenovo I bought 8 years ago online. I had never heard of the brand before but took a chance on a reps recommendation. I love it so much I refused to upgrade even though it doesn’t even have apps for instagram ( I have to use my phone for that) and other fun stuff until now. I fell in love with this Lenovo YOGA Dream Machine~! I think it will do just about anything I’ll ever need it to do except the dishes of course πŸ™‚

  • Angela Cash

    The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 is a powerhouse that would enable me to work and entertain at home or on the go. It would be the ideal tool for staying organized and connected.

  • kymnasium

    Lenovo technology is amazing, I would love to start a blog and share videos recipes I make, I think it would be really awesome and lots of fun to share & create.

  • I write fiction and poetry so to be able to write whenever and wherever is great!

  • Liz Newsome

    It would let me not be tethered to my clunky desktop! I could get more stuff done on the go – like when I’m waiting in the car or at an appointment! I love that I could use the tent feature too to watch shows in my free time! Or put it on the floor to stream my workout videos!

  • I don’t even know where to begin. Is having a YOGA pro like having two extra hands? Sign me up!

  • Michael

    This would be awesome for trips!

  • KPort207

    It would streamline my life by having the functions of both a tablet and laptop without having to carry around 2 devices.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  • Elizabeth T

    Having a Lenovo Pro would streamline my life by making it easier to stay in touch with everyone while I’m on the go!

  • Daniela Tapia

    As a mom of four, staying in touch with family is going to be easy. I would take it along everywhere and share with family some pics of our adventures… another advantage is how movie nights can be!

  • This looks like such a great laptop to have when on the go!

  • laura

    The yoga pro 3 has so many features and is so versatile that the entire family can enjoy. The lightweight 2 in 1 allows even the smallest hands to carry, and it can be easily transported. I love the projector feature!

  • I love the portability and versatility of it! My current laptop is outdated and fairly heavy, and this seems like a great multitasker! πŸ™‚

  • Sharon

    Would really help, instead of carry a bunch of bulky items, I can switch them out for one gadget instead

  • tinareynolds

    I think it would be awesome for on the go I could use as a tablet or laptop while on vacation or waiting for the kids during after school stuff so many places it would so come in handy.

  • Alice

    I love the two in one function. I can use it on the train or in a classroom. I am going back to college and this would help.

  • Rose

    It would streamline my life because I’d be able to get organized and create a schedule that works for me. I’d be able to write out notes with the touchscreen, keep track of important errands and events, and so much more! My current laptop is slow and heavy and just doesn’t handle the things I need it to.

  • This will straight up help me organize my vlogging and soon to be podcast. Plus, it would get my kids off my computer!

  • Kay

    My laptop is so bulky and in addition to carrying my books, it’s not great on my bag. I’d love to have this for homework and lectures and everything!

  • Alex

    I’d use it to clear my life of papers everywhere and to know what my schedule and appts are.

  • Birdiebee

    A Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 would streamline my life by keeping me more organized, allowing me to take the Lenovo with me on the go to get business done rather than sitting in my bedroom at my old dinosaur desktop, alleviate the frustration of a computer taking so long to load, keep me in touch with family and friends via email and social networks and providing me the capability of accessing all of my online recipes right in the comfort of my kitchen. Oh, this would be so awesome.

  • tannawings

    Hoping to see your winner posted soon!!

  • Marilyn Angela Holt

    I am SO EXCITED to be the WINNER!! This is going to change so much for me in my life. Thank you so much for the awesome contest and I can’t wait till it arrives!!! What a dream come true!!!!!

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