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Coconut Chocolate Pecan Pie Cocktail


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Um. Hello. I live in the Midwest now and I needed to figure out a cocktail that fit what my new life here in Oklahoma City means.

I got my hands on some Bom Bom Brand Nilli Vanilli Almondmilk Liqueur and Coco Mochanut Rum Liqueur and decided to make a pecan pie into a cocktail. 

And obviously by “got my hands on” I mean they were super kind to send me a few full size bottles of their delicious liqueur products since they have just introduced their latest flavor baby, Fully Baked, to the Oklahoma City market.

A few notes though on this cocktail:

She delicious. She strong.  She real, real delicious.

Coconut Chocolate Pecan Pie Cocktail
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins

A down-home, Midwest cocktail reminiscent of the classic pecan pie using Bom Bom Brand, Almondmilk and Hemp Milk Liqueurs.

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cocktail
Servings: 4 adults 21+
  • 6 oz Bom Bom Nilli Vanilli Almondmilk Liqueur
  • 6 oz Bom Bom Coco Mochanut Rum Liqueur
  • 3 oz Bulleit Bourbon
  • ice
  • Cool Whip for garnish
  • Pecans for garnish
  1. Combine Bom Bom Nilli Vanilli, Bom Bom Coco Mochanut and Bulleit bourbon in a large cocktail shaker

  2. Fill with ice & shake what your mama gave you.

  3. Pour into festive (or lame, your choice) cocktail glasses, top with Cool Whip & pecan and enjoy!


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