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Cary Brothers “Lovin’ On You” #puppies

When they say “It’s been too long.” it’s usually a phrase with little to no meaning. A social pleasantry for the time that’s passed between seeing one’s friend. But when I say it’s been too long since my pal Cary Brothers released a new record let alone a music video for the title track, I mean it pretty hard.

Not only is the tune riddled with a catchy melody (he’s really the “King of the Foot-tapper”) and the good type of mush-gush with those lyrics, this video also has puppies. Fuck. Tons. Of puppies. It’s damn near impossible to watch this video without a smile on your face and a pep in your spirit. Unless you’re a soulless devourer of joy. Then, be gone with you, this is no place for you to bring your curmudgeonry.

I’d recommend prolonging this feel-good status through the weekend by heading over to iTunes to snag a copy of the full EP.

And then think of puppies and that puppy dog crooner behind the puppy dogs. And giggle.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

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