SHUGGILIPPO (sounds like “hug a hippo”) is the central hub for award-winning YouTuber Jessi Sanfilippo’s hilarious take on pop & web cultures and millennial parenting.

Jessi Sanfilippo is a millennial parent and comedian living in Los Angeles, California with her husband and eight year old son. A former member of the radio industry, Jess applies her peculiar sense of humor to write comedy that appeals to millennials who may or may not have kids. She jokes that she’s not qualified, but she’s doing it anyway. She is actually very qualified or at least that’s what the printable she found on Pinterest that hangs above her desk tells her. Jess is also a recurring character in BuzzFeed video. In addition, her videos have been featured by Mashable, MTV, TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Justin Timberlake, Elizabeth Banks and other various influential digital outlets.


Jess hosts the weekly web series, Answerin’ Stuff, on her YouTube channel where she takes questions from the internet and “answers” them every Tuesday.

Watch all the vlogging adventures with her family on her second channel, The Shugg Life, where you can catch a glimpse of what life is like raising a millennial family in Los Angeles.

Jess also runs a digital industry geared site, JessiSanfilippo.com, that discusses content marketing, digital advertising trends, and industry nuances.

And she’s on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and Google+ and Tumblr. Feel free to email Jess to work together. That’s always fun.

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