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21 Tweets Anyone with Anxiety Can Totally Relate To via

21 Tweets Anyone with Anxiety Can Totally Relate To

If you’re feeling especially anxious today, these 21 tweets will remind you that pretty much everyone is anxious all of the time.

1. This super accurate tweet about anxiety and your love life.

2. This tweet about anxiety from a true hip hop fan.

Cookieapocolypse Ebook by

3. This tweet about people who know how easy it is to turn it off.

4. This tweet about what you were hoping would be a fail-safe excuse to skip out on something.

5. This perfect representation of your internal reality.

6. This tweet about following your heart.

7. This tweet about wanting to be bad, but it ain’t happenin’.

8. This tweet about what it’s like to spend any or all of your day socializing.

9. This tweet that explains how nerds approach anxiety.

10. This tweet about doing your best to keep things light.

11. This dream of an agile, successful scenario.

12. This tweet about wanting to get down but also wanting to get home.

13. This accurate tweet about living by yourself but not really.

14. This tweet about sending your anxiety a tender plea.

15. This tweet about being proud of where you live.

16. This tweet that sums up every anxious human’s one true wish.

17. This tweet about trying your best to show up.

18. This tweet about how everything is fine.

19. This tweet about how anxiety is asexual.

20. This tweet about the ability to convert furniture into other types of furniture.

21. And finally this tweet about which came first.

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